Why you need the best mattress healthy sleep?

The mattress is the first factor to consider sleeping well, there are also other factors, but of minor importance that affects the proper rest, among which can be counted comfort, stress level and room temperature. If you want to buy a new quality mattress and that really lasts over time, accompanying the night’s rest for many years without problems, it can represent an investment from an economic point of view.

Before buying best mattress for side sleepers, you need to carefully evaluate your needs. First of all, the mattress must support your body in a neutral position, the one in which the vertebral column assumes the natural curvature and the parts of the body on which the greatest pressure is applied, such as buttocks, ankles, shoulders and head, are supported in a correct alignment.

Mattress and conformation of the bed

In order to be more efficient, one must not underestimate the shape of the bed that serves to orientate the choice of one’s own mattress. Coffered beds, lately very fashionable for space reasons, hinder the circulation of air below the mattress and could lead to mold formation. The problem concerns in particular the latex mattresses.

Mattress and Sleep

The choice between the two different types of mattress could also be based on one’s own habits during a night’s sleep. In fact, if you tend to get upset frequently during sleep, the latex mattress is able to guarantee greater freedom of movement, while the memory foam mattress is considered more suitable for those who tend to remain motionless during rest.

Memory Foam mattress

The Memory Foam mattress has been designed to adapt perfectly to the shape of the body. It is considered an orthopedic mattress because it adapts completely to the shape of the body, it is good to make sure it is made of breathable fabrics. Memory Foam is not shaped by weight but by the heat emanating from the body.

Latex Mattress

The latex mattress is considered a suitable choice for those suffering from allergies to dust mites, since latex does not allow the absorption of dust and mites. It is not suitable for those who have latex allergy problems. The latex allergy is normally related to natural latex. You could opt for latex covered in the upper layer by the memory foam.